Who is it for?

The Oxygen Bar is perfect for virtually anyone! If you’ve ever felt dehydrated, hungover, fatigued, or spent too much time working, The Oxygen Bar uses oxygen therapy to help you feel your best.




We use 95% pure oxygen in our treatments

All of our treatments use the highest grade of oxygen so after each treatment your left feeling energized and refreshed. Our Oxygen Machine delivers a constant flow of pure oxygen through your nasal passages.   


You start to feel the effects immediately after your first treatment!

After your session you'll feel the effects almost instantly! Breathing in pure oxygen for a short period of time restores the natural oxygen levels in the body. This increases energy and mental clarity while reducing the effects of oxygen deprivation. Clients typically report a difference just after one session!  

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Every treatment is carefully monitored, feel safe knowing your in good hands

Although there are no proven risks from breathing in pure oxygen for a short period of time, we value your safety here at American Shave. All of our staff are fully trained to assist you and each session is closely monitored at all times. Remember this is a natural product so we want to make each experience enjoyable! 


Did you know?

Oxygen is the major component the body uses to neutralize toxins and remove them from the body. The air we breathe is low in oxygen content when it is polluted with carcinogens; toxic factory and auto exhaust fumes, and many other things. We are slowly suffocating. “Dirty” air supplies less than adequate oxygen levels for your body to perform tasks normally. That means less oxygen and more toxins into the bloodstream, and the colon, which is responsible for eliminating toxins from your body! This can cause us to get sick, feel fatigued and develop other serious conditions.